Freecom 250GB Toughdrive Pro 2.5 Inch USB 2.0 Hard Drive   £99.99!!!!

Freecom 250GB Toughdrive Pro 2.5 Inch USB 2.0 Hard Drive £99.99!!!!

Found 5th Dec 2007
This is the best price I have ever seen this drive! I bought mine from last week for £129.99 :-( gutted.
This drive also has a 5 star rating on Amazon,

Spec below

Shock protected 2.5" hard drive from Freecom with 250GB. Built-in USB 2.0 cable. Internal anti-shock mechanism. Withstand falling from 2 meters

Features :
Durable, soft silicon cover
Internal anti-shock mechanism
Withstand falling from 2 meters
Integrated USB 2.0 cable
High quality, slimline design
Fanless design thus no noise
2 years warranty
Incl. Acronis True Image Software

The toughest drive there is!
In todays world mobility has become a key factor. People who are on the road carry their whole office with them. Notebook, mobile phone, PDA, external hard drive Imagine what can happen when youre late for a flight, running to the gate, and your external hard drive accidentally falls from your notebook case or out of your jacket pocket onto the floor it breaks. Hundreds of hours of work, gigabytes of spreadsheets, documents, photos all gone. Not anymore! Freecom introduces the ToughDrive. The ideal external storage solution for people on the move. Fitted with an internal anti-shock frame and a unique soft silicon cover, it can withstand bumps and drops so your drive is still fully functional after it has dropped. The ToughDrive ensures you can still access your valuable files.


[SIZE=2]Nice price. I have a smaller drive to this and it's a fantastic companion to any laptop.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]If the office police come knocking on your door looking for MP3's then all you have to do is unplug and deny everything.... [/SIZE]

Not too sure if it's still on offer from amazon, but they used to do a price match thing if you bought it in the last 30 days and the price has dropped

Will do a quick search for you

edit: oops...just saw you said freecom.

Great price though, voted hot!


Great value, the courier gave my drive a right beating the outer box was well battered but the drive worked fine, tough by name tough by nature ! :thumbsup:


fantastic drive, not only is this waterproof its dust proof too. Ideal for me whilst im on site. !! Thanks Amazon great deal


just ordered now. great price from Amazon on this one. havent seen it cheaper and the silcon cover can withstand all the bumps and bashes whilst being carried around. voted hot
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