Freecom 3.5" 400GB USB2.0 External Hard Drive for £44.99 (+ postage)

Freecom 3.5" 400GB USB2.0 External Hard Drive for £44.99 (+ postage)

Found 29th Sep 2008
Opening your computer case and installing an internal hard drive can be a difficult job. Freecom's range of external hard drives help to make this an unnecessary task.

- Fast, low noise external USB2.0 Hard Drive
- Stylish aluminium design, including LED hard drive capacity indicator
- No cooling fan = no noise!
- The easiest way to add extra storage capacity to your computer
- Includes Freecom Backup software for easy file backup
- Hot swappable, no need to turn off your computer
- No device ID's or terminations to worry about
- High quality, sleek design
- Two-year manufacturers warranty, with free helpdesk support

Ideal For Home Or Office Use:
Home Use:
- Store all your digital photos, music, movies, games on one central location
- Take the Freecom Hard Drive with you and share your files with friends
- Make an extra backup of all your important documents and files
- Make an image of a clean Operating System installation on your hard drive so you can easily restore your OS in case of your PC's hard drive crashing

Office Use:
- Store all your spreadsheets, documents, presentations on one central location
- Take the drive home or on the road and work on your files away from the office
- Make an extra backup of your valuable work files
- Share data between computers and networks
- Use the Freecom Hard Drive for software installations on multiple PC's.

- Interface USB2.0, can also be connected to USB1.1 port
- Hard Drive Type: 3.5"

- Average Seek Time: > 9ms
- Track to Track Seek Time: 0.8ms
- Average Latency: 4.2ms
- Rotational Speed: 7200rpm
- Buffer Size: 8MB (500GB: 16MB)

- Weight 750g
- Dimensions: 200 x 115 x 40mm

Minimum System Requirements:
- PC: Intel Pentium-III / AMD Duron 700MHz or higher, 128MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, available USB port. Windows 2000/XP
- MAC : Mac OS X v10.1 or higher, available USB port

Box Contents:
- Hard Drive (Windows pre-formatted)
- Power Adapter
- USB cable (USB 2.0 & 1.1)
- Freecom Software Media Suite
- Manual on CD & Quick Install Guide
- Free unlimited helpdesk support
- Two years manufacturers warranty


This may be a better deal?

I've got the 500gb version which serves me well and is robust.

I've got the 500gb version which served me badly and broke (the case that is, the actual drive is fine and is much faster connected as SATA compared to USB2 anyway).
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