Freecom Hard Drive Classic 500GB External USB2.0 - £5.58 @ Eclipse Computers!

Freecom Hard Drive Classic 500GB External USB2.0 - £5.58 @ Eclipse Computers!

Found 20th Nov 2008
Today’s world is all about Gigabytes. Programs and data take up more and more storage space. The need for installing an extra hard drive on your PC or Mac is more present than ever. Opening your computer case and installing an internal hard drive can be a difficult job. So why not take the easy route? Freecom offers you the perfect storage upgrade for your computer: the new Freecom Hard Drive Classic, a no-nonsense external hard drive. No need to open your computer; just plug the Hard Drive into the USB (2.0 or 1.1) port of your PC or MAC and you instantly have a substantial increase in storage space. The Freecom Hard Drive Classic is pre-formatted so you’re ready to use your drive seconds after connecting it to your computer. At Freecom we create storage solutions from a consumer’s perspective, where convenience, design and quality are key factors. Free your mind!

Fast, low noise external USB 2.0 Hard Drive
Quiet drive thanks to fanless design
Including LED hard drive capacity indicator
The easiest way to add extra storage capacity to your computer
Hot swappable, no need to turn off your computer
No device ID’s or terminations to worry about
High quality, sleek design, only 20 x 11,5 x 4 cm
One year manufacturers warranty, helpdesk support.


again??????????? this was "mis priced" last night and then correct during the day and now back to it stupidly cheap price again. All looks a bit suspect to me.…-ex

this has been posted like 5-6 times just tonight..

people should be banned for not searching lol

lol expired already, nice one mods
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