Freecom Mobile DriveClassic 2.5" 320GB USB2 £69.99 delivered @amazon

Freecom Mobile DriveClassic 2.5" 320GB USB2 £69.99 delivered @amazon

Found 20th Jun 2008
This is better value per gb than the WD 250GB HDD posted yesterday.

Technical Details

* External 2.5?ard Drive
* Fast, low noise external mobile USB-2 hard drive
* Buspowered, no AC adapter needed*
* Excellent value for money
* No cooling fan, ensures quiet operation
* The easiest way to add and manage extra storage capacity to your notebook or desktop computer
* Hot swappable, no need to turn off your computer
* No device ID?or terminations to worry about
* High quality, sleek design, only 13.9 x 8.3 x 2 cm, easy to take with you
* One years manufacturers warranty, free helpdesk support


Original Poster

Hmmmm..... Why the cold votes without explanation. Surely, this drive is better value than the WD 250GB for £55.50 (Freecom has Hiitachi HD inside and no USB power problems are reported as with the WD). I hope it's just ignorance and nothing else.

hmmm, looks a great deal, but have ordered the £55.50 250gb one yesterday .. :thumbsup:

I sell these slightly cheaper! Only have the 160's this week but been doing them at £30
Never had a WD 320 back and a twin usb lead sorts them anyway


Not sure why this would receive cold votes, its a good looking drive, no power issues working with my year old Vaio. I'm pretty sure that this is the cheapest 320gb drive on the market and Freecom drives have a great reputation. :thumbsup:
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