Freecom Network MediaPlayer-35 250GB w/ Remote Control £39.99

Freecom Network MediaPlayer-35 250GB w/ Remote Control £39.99

Found 24th Jul 2010
Experience a new level of computing and home entertainment with the Freecom portable Mediaplayer 35, the player that covers all AV-file formats. The Freecom Mediaplayer 35 is a costffective, dedicated harddrive based mobile multimedia player that seamlessly delivers digital media (video, audio) from your PC to the television, projector or Hi-fi set. Enjoy digital media and information in the comfort of your living room. Freecom has now developed a fast hard drive, a JPEG viewer, a MPEG 4 video player and a MP3 music player, all in one unit! This new portable system is built for easy data sharing with friends and family. Enjoy your movies, songs and holiday pictures anywhere you go. Watching movies on a PC Monitor and listening to MP3 files on a small PC speaker system are now a thing of the past, as are difficult burning sessions creating CDs and DVDs. Simply drag and drop your audio and video files from your PC to the MediaPlayer 35, take the portable MediaPlayer 35 to your living room, connect it to your TV of HiFi and you're ready to go!

Movie Player: store and play back DivX/MPEG-4 movies in DVD quality
Music Player: store and play back MP3,WMA,OGG Vorbis music files
Digital Photo viewer: store and view JPEG pictures
Portable Storage device: can also be used as a fast USB 2.0 external harddrive
Lets you share movies, music, photos and large documents
Works directly on your TV/HiFi, without the use of a PC!
Connects to your network via Ethernet connection (10/100 Mbps)


Quite good, but a few years old now. I sold the wireless version fo this (350HD) about 12 months ago.

Better when flashed with MediaGate firmware.

Hard drive is easily removed and replaced with a larger one, but it is IDE iirc.
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Will this play back DVR-MS files ?
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