Freecom Network MediaPlayer-35 from £140 + delivery @ SVP
Freecom Network MediaPlayer-35 from £140 + delivery @ SVP

Freecom Network MediaPlayer-35 from £140 + delivery @ SVP

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Freecom has now developed a fast hard drive, a JPEG viewer, a MPEG-4 video player and a MP3 music player, all in one unit!

Price start from £139.99 + p&p for 80GB model.

The Freecom Mediaplayer-35 is a cost effective, dedicated hard-drive based mobile multimedia player that seamlessly delivers digital media (video, audio) from your PC to the television, projector or Hi-fi set. Enjoy digital media and information in the comfort of your living room.

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Thanks maxi. Some more details will be good as is a good title.

]Freecom Media Player 3.5".

Technical Info
Network MediaPlayer Drive-In Kit
With LAN, USB 2.0 & AV Output

Features :
- Store & play DivX/MPEG-4 movies
- Store & play MP3,WMA, OGG Vorbis
- Store and view JPEG pictures
- Can be used as external hard drive
- Built your own hard drive in
- Easy installation
- Connects to your network
- Stream AV files from any network PC on your TV or HiFi
- Noise free operation (fanless)
- Including remote control
- Firmware upgradeable
- All connection cables included
- 2 years warranty

My unbiased view on it:
First, instead of paying your hard-earned on 80GB model, you can spend the same amount of money by buying it as a ]Enclosure only (kit) and then add ]250GB Hard drive. Don't let greedy Kapitalists (SVP, no offence :)) make money from us, poor proletariat. Go to er... other kapitalist (£140.01 delivered)
Secondly, this device is quite outdated. And thirdly, strange network implementation prevents users from updating it via network, which kind of defies the very idea of network player. It can read SMB partitions though.

Thanks maxi for the pointer

Thanks for the extra info and review Kommunist
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