Freedom pop 1p activation + Free shipping 1 month premium trial, free service after that

Freedom pop 1p activation + Free shipping 1 month premium trial, free service after that

Found 31st Mar 2017
Freedom pop sim card activation only 1p

Use link provided

Worth a try for a penny

After 1 month simply cancel and switch to the free plan

Free p&p

Premium 2250

Price: Free for your first month + £6.99/month after
This service includes the following:

Unlimited Voice Minutes
Unlimited Text Messages
2250 MB Data
Free Premium Voice

After 1 month switch to basic 200

200 mins
200 text

1p one off payment
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Just avoid these crooks unless you wanna trouble!
are they a dodgy company
Not again FreedomPop.....This is not a deal and be cold as ice!
Been with them. Worst company I have seen! Paid £4.99 to transfer my number, took 17 days. Call qality was goog as long as Premium Voice was for first month, then they asked £1.99 a month for it. Cancelled. Voice calls then- mission impossible: lag of few seconds, delays and even on wifi. The further , the "better". Get charged £5 3 times for absolutely no reason. My account was in credit by £15, but for what??? Next week I just dialed my GP down the street and hear: "You are out of international minutes...." What??? OK, emailing FreedomPop for help(as no phone to call.Aparently phone number is for Premium users only....What the f+++?) Takes 11 days to get reply, which says to restart phone, as this might help.Ha ha doesnt.. Anyway, after 23 days, problem with "Out of international minutes" disapears by some sort of magic. But another problem aperas: nobody can reach me....Enough! Asking for PAC, which takes 4 emails and 19 days to get. After transfering number to Three, no one from FreedomPop can reach me. And only from FreedomPop numbers; is this revenge??? or incopetence???
Dear people, just dont bother with this company
agree with you
great for data so so for everything else. People on here seem to expect to much from free.
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