Freedom Trail Eskdale 6 - 6 Berth Family Tent - £74.99 (RRP £200) @ Go Outdoors free delivery or click & collect

Freedom Trail Eskdale 6 - 6 Berth Family Tent - £74.99 (RRP £200) @ Go Outdoors free delivery or click & collect

Found 14th Jun 2013
Some good reviews for a cheap, basic but functional family sized 6 man tent. OK, it's probably not going to withstand the harshest weather. Just reserved for collection myself.

Two equal-sized bedrooms
Large living area with two exits
Easy to pitch
Brightly coloured for a light, airy feel
The Freedom Trail Eskdale 6 is ideal for those who need a functional family tent without the extra details of more expensive models.

A three person bedroom at either end opens up onto a large central living space with external doors and windows on both sides. A removable flat groundsheet covers the living area and helps to keep things clean inside.
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From my experience, a 1500 hydrostatic rating is fine for very light drizzle but if you get caught in a fairly heavy showet then it will start to let water in very quickly. Imo 3000 is minimum for British weather.
I'm with Furious on this one - buy cheap - buy twice !...
This tent will only make you hate camping when you wake up in the middle of the night wet through !
Also, better off going with one with a sewn in groundsheet !..
Whilst I agree it's not going to be that waterproof, it is only £74.99, reduced from £200 (although I know it has been regularly less than that for a while, but I've never seen it below £100 before)! I'm used to camping and it suits my current need for fair-weather camping with the kids on a budget!

The bedrooms have sewn-in groundsheet and the removal bath tub one for the living area means it can be easily cleaned/hosed down etc. I've done any of this carpet nonsense as I'm old skool!
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