FreedomPop 3GB £7.49 per month unlimited minutes and texts

FreedomPop 3GB £7.49 per month unlimited minutes and texts

Found 15th Aug 2017
Great offer from FreedomPop

30 day contract
3GB data
1GB data bonus for first month (So 4GB)
Unlimited minutes
Unlimited texts
£7.49 per month

Uses three's network

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I know it's only August but I better get my winter coat out.
Horrendous, and I mean horrendous customer service.
FreedomPop ported my number to someone else?!?! illegally and completely unauthorised and now can't get it back.
Never had a problem myself and this is a great offer!
Hopeless signal
the phone number its still in to my account but i cant recover my phone number!
Thanks ordered this
Dreadful network, if you can even call it a 'network'...
HDixon8912 h, 58 m ago

Never had a problem myself and this is a great offer!

Lucky lucky, god help you if you ever have a problem or one morning you wake up to your number having been "lost" and they throw their hands up and can do nothing, even try to blame you for it happening.
I don't think there is even any course for complaint as it's hard to identify who they really are.
The temporary number they gave me to replace my personal number of 14 years they "lost" was quite memorable but I made the mistake of attempting an authorised port out of the service.
I now have an EE sim where I can call out from my ported FreedomPop "temporary" number just can't receive calls or texts on it.
EE have now spent 10 days trying to get the porting problem resolved with freedompop to no avail, they say they have never had this difficulty porting a number before.
So if your willing to take the gamble on Freedompop, treat it as it deserves to be treated, in the same category as Vectone, a burner SIM which you can live without the moment something goes wrong and don't make the mistake of treating them like a legitimate alternative to even the TPO's or ID mobiles out there.
Avoid this company like the plague!

Days after I (and a friend) signed up for 12 months they decided to close down their UK customer telephone support forever (29/9/17). The signal is rubbish (worse than Three Mobile, which they piggy back on, used by my friend), and their software has lots of glitches in it for my new Google Android phone and my friends iPhone 6, which means folk often can't hear me when I call, or vice versa, or the on-screen "answer" buttons completely disappear when someone calls me. They say they'll respond to support Ticket requests within 48 hours, but in my experience they can take weeks.

Also, their advertising needs to be referred to Advertising Standards Authority. Their Unlimited calls and texts deal (£6.99 pm, or £5.49 if you pay 12 months in advance) states 2.25GB of data, written in such a way that one assumes this is a monthly allocation, but actually it is for the entire year. What a load of ****** !! Which other provider would offer so little data for an Unlimited deal?

Also, they charge extra for voicemail, which I did not pay for. Nonetheless, when you open an account they set up your voicemail whether you request/ pay for it or not. So, folk were leaving me voicemails which I could not access, and wondering why I had ignored them. It was quite a polava to switch voicemail off.

What a shame, it seemed like a great offer.

Just to correct my post above...

The 2.25 GB date allowance is per MONTH, not per YEAR. Their website remains ambiguous, and this does not explain why they shut off the data allowance of my friend who also signed up to their service (because he'd used a lot of it).

My other comments above still stand. If you can live with all the glitches then it is still a really cheap service. But as I decided not to pay extra for voicemail it is problematic on the occasions when their software (otherwise fine, as it now integrates well with existing on-phone software) does not function and I do not know the identity of the caller. So, probably not for business use, but it could be useful for one of your teenage kids, for example.
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