FreedomPop @ uSwitch: UNLIMITED minutes/texts, 2.25GB 4G data for only £6.99 per month!

FreedomPop @ uSwitch: UNLIMITED minutes/texts, 2.25GB 4G data for only £6.99 per month!

Found 1st Jul 2017
Great deal on a FreedomPop 30 day sim card!

For £6.99 per month you get:
-UNLIMITED minutes
-2.25GB 4G data

Please note:
-no credit check
-1st month free
-£0.99 activation fee
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who's network do they use?
Total waste of time. Leave well alone! They work on data which is useless

who's network do they use?

Uses 3 but that's but that's not the issue you have to use their apps fir text and calls and they are all over data. Nice idea but hopeless
No app for wp10 either
even with a solid signal on the Three network, FreedomPop is almost unusable.
Don't worry, one of their reps will jump into this discussion to ask if they can help us with our "issues" - Which of course they can't. The FreedomPop service just doesn't work here in the UK. It's a shame that it doesn't, because I'd be very tempted, but I used it about a year ago and calls simply don't work at all.
Got FreedomPop to cancel my SIMs and close my account last week. A complete waste of time that never ever worked properly. Txts used to turn up to the recipient after days and calls never worked once, the last year or so the app has not worked at all. This is not even good enough to keep for emergency usage.
I have freedompop and i would not recommend it, you need to have a constant wifi connection i have it in a dual sim chinese phone it has got better over the months but you need a phone to work all the time and some of the time is not good enough.

I got it for free and pay no monthly and they posted it to me for free
I had a nightmare about Freedompop. Hukd should banned posting about this company
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I too have a freedompop sim in a dual sim phone. Would not use for my main, but do have a few which I swap out for free data.
Also they have sneaky add ons free for the first month and then cost lots which you need to cancel. Stick to traditional networks for calls and texts IMO
Stay away please. Terrible network and crooks who overcharged me and then promised a refund which I never saw. Avoid you've been warned
Agree, have also had problems with them, they originally gave me a number they should not have, the new one regularly does not get incoming calls (despite premium voice) and I am being charged for an extra which is included in the plan I have. It's terrible and each time you log a call they ask you to remove / re-install the app and waste your time until you go away!
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