FREE/HALF-PRICE World Cup Football Shirt - O2 Xperia Z2/ Z1 Compact Deal @ Sony Mobile
Hi guys, this is my first post so please be gentle.

I recently saw a deal from O2 that offers a free world cup football shirt with any Sony Xperia Z2 purchased from O2, or half price if a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact was purchased.

You're able to choose a home or away shirt from any of the competing 32 nations.

After discovering the deal, i immediately phoned O2 to enquire and was told this deal started on 1st June and any purchase before that date would not be applicable.

I was informed that anyone who purchased a Z2/Z1 compact after 1st June 2014 would receive a flier in their phone box which gave you instructions on how to claim.

Seeing as though i purchased my Z2 on 2nd May 2014, i didn't receive this flier. I phoned up Sony direct, and said that i didn't receive a flier in my recent purchase, and was given the following link;


Turns out all you need to do, is to go on that website, enter your details, including your Z2/Z1 Compact IMEI number, and you will be emailed within 72 hours (mine came within 12 hours) which gives you a unique code to apply to apply against the price of any of the 32 competing nations.

After applying my code (please note, I input the code against an Italy authentic players shirt, and the discount that was applied was £63.72 which means that you are able to receive a shirt up to that value for free. Unfortunately I do not have a Z1 compact so can't say what the discount applied is for that device.

My order has now been complete, and i recieved the dispatch email 6 days after ordering (I had a players name added to the shirt, which may have delayed dispatch time)

All Shirts and Sizes are available at time of post, very good deal IMO as it's a freebie for a world cup shirt!



Nice first post HEAT from me

Original Poster

Thanks! - thought I'd add my bit to the HUKD community! :-)


Just don't waste your freebie on a Spain shirt. They'll be going for peanuts when the shops open in the morning. X)

Go for a chile one !

or holland

England shirts will be on offer tomorrow anyway, could be the 1st England shirt on sale which has not won a competitive match

Thanks, hopefully I get a wee code :-)

I ordered mine 4 days ago, no dispatch email yet..

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yep, think mine was dispatched 6 days after I ordered! :-)

Bloody marvelous first post mate !! Bought my z2 the week it came out and thought i missed the boat, but thanks to this post im all smiles again !

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No worries man! I'd get the order in ASAP as I believe it finishes some time in August!
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