Freemans great free gift give away when you introduce a friend thingy option

Freemans great free gift give away when you introduce a friend thingy option

Found 4th Oct 2006
Seeing as most of you guys seem to only post in this forum you may have missed out on a previous post of mine in the freebies section.
Sorry - my mistake should have gone in here really.
Anyhow here are some more great freebies that are available when you order.

Quote DD code of the gift you want and give a friends name , address, phone number, date of birth etc

They send your friend a catalogue.

Your friend gets 20% off first order.

They then send out your gift as soon as they recieve your friends first payment of thirty pounds or more.

19 in total so fill your boots.

Here Goes....

Goodmans digital radio codeDD26
DVD player code DD27
MP3 Player code DD28
Speaker System code DD29
Goodmans digital camera code DD30
Tool kit code DD31
Dirt devil steam genie code DD32
Morphy richards vacuum cleaner code DD33
Pan set and scales code DD34
Breville bread maker code DD35
Kenwood food processor code DD36
Hinari microwave code DD37
Tefal deep fryer code DD38
50 Piece dinner set code DD39
Monsoon bedding set code DD40
BT cordless phones code DD41
Kenwood smoothie maker code DD42
Hinari breakfast set code DD43
25 POUNDS CASHBACK for each registered friend code DD44
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Thanks for posting those Parky! Good post
AND remember to VOTE on all deals, and spread that REPUTATION around!!!
I said that already!
just joshing Emms he,he :thumbsup:
good find!! voted hot and added rep:thumbsup:
Just a heads up and also to see if anyone else has had the same problem. I've just encountered a major problem with this and don't know what to do.

I told a friend about this, they spent above the asking £30 and I heard nothing. Anyway... 2 months after they paid I phoned up to see where my dinner set was and apparently and get this - because I pay with a credit card and not monthly - I don't get my free gift.

There is nowhere in the T&C's that say otherwise. Surely I wouldn't have an account number if I wasn't an account holder? I know I can say I feel decieved by them as they made contact with my friend, took their money and now say I can't have my part of the deal. Sorry about the rant but I was waiting for that dinner set to eat dinner off and that. :-D

Ahhh, I've never complained about nothing but they will hear from me.

If you pay straight off even though you're a customer, I'd email them to make sure you don't lose out. x
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