Freesat Humax HDR £213.70 @  Comet

Freesat Humax HDR £213.70 @ Comet

Found 24th Jan 2011
Best price I can find using promo code 5200
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i got mine for £210 from richersounds, sign up to thier VIP membership thing and you get £10 off your first order (dont know if you still do)
What about Humax direct 'A' grade?
I got mine from currys, they price matched richersounds and it came to £209
To clarify, this is the 320Gb version, and these have been hovering around this price for a while now. With the addition of the 500gb version I am surprised these haven't dropped more. Humaxdirect are currently selling their Grade-A stock for £182 (plus P&P).

Personally I am quite happy with my cheap and cheerfull Bush freesat HD box and use BBC i-player for any programmes that we miss (ITV i-player coming soon to freesat too).
The hdr is a good box, very low power unlike a skyhd box and very good hd picture though I find the SD picture a little soft. Iplayer is a bonus.
Very good box. Especially at £90
Had one of these nearly a year and on the whole I am happy.
BBC IPlayer and ITV Player are both on this box now.
Nice price too.
Can you use this box for other satellites?

Can you use this box for other satellites?


Can you use this box for other satellites?


Can you use this box for other satellites?Yes

Full Diseqc control when you get into the hidden menu. More info about non Freesat mode here also works well for the Foxsat HD non-record box


I happily and embarrassingly stand corrected oO
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