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Freesat recordable 1TB 4K Box - Freeplay UHD-4X-1000GB £203.99 with Code (UK Mainland) @ eBay Hughes Electrical

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Product Details
Freesat's Recordable 4K TV box is the smartest way to enjoy the telly you love, with no monthly bills. This nifty little box offers a world of great entertainment at your fingertips, with over 170 TV channels (including over 20 in HD) plus multiple radio channels and an excellent range of On Demand players, including BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, so you can watch your favourite shows at the click of a button. And if you're after that little bit extra, you can also enjoy optional pay On Demand players such as Netflix. The Recordable TV Box is capable of recording up to 4 programmes at the same time when connected to a wideband LNB satellite dish, so you'll never miss the shows you love. Setting up couldn't be easier; simply connect to your TV and UK satellite dish (and to broadband for TV On Demand and other features) and you're good to go!
Legal Disclaimer
Freesat is a satellite TV service for users in the UK. No monthly fees for satellite TV only. Record up to 4 shows at the same time if your satellite dish has a wideband LNB - for more information on cabling, LNB types and how many shows you can record visit freesat.co.uk/help. Live restart is broadband speed dependent and is available on certain BBC channels only. On Demand services (such as Netflix) are broadband speed dependent, may require account registration, separate subscription and/or cost extra. 4K/UHD TV required to view 4K/UHD content where available. Premium HDMI cable supplied. 4K/UHD streaming requires faster broadband connection speeds, see service providers' recommendations for details. Satellite dish and cabling (not included) required to enjoy satellite TV. If you don't have a dish it's easy to have one installed. Broadband connection may be required to use certain product features and services - see user manual for details. Ethernet cable not included. Featured channels and On Demand services correct at time of publication and may be subject to change.
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    We have Freesat built in the Samsung TV in 4k which is our default way to view TV. It's a little bit of a con in some respects at you get 170 channels , 20 only transmit in HD which leaves 150 in SD and some so poor you have to squint to see. Personally from experience we bought an apple TV 4k and now we can view more in HD/4k TV wise than freesat for a lot less money.
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    with 4G/5G down to £12.50 a month for unlimited GB surely a bit pointless when you can stream loads of free content and possibly not have a TV licence as well
    Until you realise the amount of adverts on ITV Hub/ITVX.

    Then you are thankful you have a PVR.
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    This isn't made by any of those manufacturers, so nothing to be weary about. It's manufactured by Arris.

    Still don't really know why people lose their heads over a set top box not being able to run apps. My TV has Android built in, and I have a firestick, surely most people have a Firestick/Chromecast/NowTV stick nowadays, and probably a smart TV as well.

    If you're relying on your set top box to carry apps, then you're missing out and eventually they will all disappear. Technology moves on, set top boxes are generally stuck in the time they were manufactured and their software is seldom updated, a bit like a phone really.
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    So whats the difference between this and what you would normally pick up from your digital aerial?
    The main selling point of Freesat over Freeview is that it has more HD channels, and the SD channels are (in the most part) of better quality than the equivalent on Freeview. The reason for this is because Freeview channels are more heavily compressed than Freesat channels due to Freeview having limited capacity.

    You'll find ITV2/3/4 all in HD on Freesat. These HD channels are very unlikely to arrive on Freeview due to the capacity problems Freeview has. In fact, over the last couple of years Freeview has lost HD channels! (edited)
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    Some people don't seem to realise they have freesat built into their tvs.
    If you have this, you can probably just add a USB 2TB hard drive for about £30-40 and use that. That's what I did anyway.
    very true, but these boxes have twin tuner, i guess the more expensive TVs do aswell..

    but then again with the catch up players do you need a twin tuner..i guess we just use or humax because its still going after a few years
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    Uneducated opinions are the funniest
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    Eventually became quite a good box after the various software updates and fixes. I kind of wish I'd never given mine up to go back to Sky.
    You went back to sky? Madness!
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    Don't see the point in this box you won't be able to record or play any channels in 4k
    Netflix bbci player yes but that can be done via the the apps on the TV itself if you have a smart 4k TV or can pick up a fire stick for £30 pound ish
    Way over priced in my opinion
    It's a PVR. If any 4k channels were ever to launch on Freesat, it would record them. As it stands, Sky have what, 4 channels in 4k? And you pay extra for HD, and extra for 4k on Sky!

    The main function on this is the fact it's a HD PVR with the ability to receive both 4k broadcasts and streaming.

    £200 for a bang up-to date HD PVR with 1TB is a good price. 2TB would be better but a few quid more and you'll get that! (edited)
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    Heat for the discount but if you are a money saver like myself you would be looking on Facebook Marketplace for a used one.

    Freesat boxes - even like the old Humax-Foxsat - still work perfectly even after 10 years, so as long as it records live TV and does HD you can use your TV/Firestick for the 4K streaming content.

    As an example I picked up a Manhattan T2-R 500gb with an RRP of £130 for £30 (CEX give £31 in cash for B grade ) and a mint boxed with receipt Humax 5000T 500g for £50 with an RRP of £190.

    Anyhoo FB Marketplace is always teeming with Freesat/Freeview boxes as people think they can do without Sky but realise Freesat/Freeview are quite limited.
    Awesome point!! (edited)
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    My ultimate opinion on these (yes, I have owned the same model since October 2021):

    - Software was rubbish to begin with but has improved massively
    - The SD picture quality is far better than Freeview
    - There are more HD channels on Freesat vs Freeview such as ITV2/3/4HD - you'll never see these on Freeview in the near future unless capacity improves
    - All4 is still missing, as well as Disney+
    - Prime Video and Netflix work well on it
    - The Freesat app on iOS remains rubbish (you can easily see what's on and set recordings - however when you've set something to record, the app hangs and you have to close it and restart it. This has been going on for a long time and the iOS Freesat app hasn't been updated for a year)
    - The TV Guide is intuitive
    - Changing channels is fast
    - It's smaller than a Sky Q box or Virgin Media TV 360 box
    - Contrary to some complaints about the remote, I find it OK
    - The Freesat subscription is £0.00 a month
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    I know ch4 hd come back to Freesat a while back , did all 4 , channel 4s on demand service?
    We have the previous box and All4 never came back. And, this week, ITV HUB ( now ITV X apparently) has gone missing.
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    but nothing is shown in 4k
    On Demand services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix will have 4k content that can be viewed via this box.
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    I have a freesat TV with a 1tb hard drive. I think it's ssd. Would this be the same thing?
    would think these would be HDD, cheaper
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    So many Free in the deal, Thought whole thing is free
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    Would there be any option to network into this to play my recordings from elsewhere in the house? I’m going to miss that when I kick Sky Q into touch.
    Nope afraid not
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    These Freesat boxes are for those stuck with wideband Sky Q LNBs. They are over priced and not that reliable in my opinion but they have little competition in the wideband market. Read the reviews. However, you can replace the HDD yourself, just know that security allen bolts are used just to be awkward.
    If your dish is easily reachable it might be better to change the LNB back to a normal one and open up your choice of sat recorders.
    If you take up Sky Q then say you want a hybrid LNB, or keep your old LNB, to make things easier if you leave.
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    Still a laggy experience. They should look to the BT Pro box for inspiration