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78°Expired - the museum of sounds?

Found 22nd May 2012
"What if there was a place where sounds could be stored for future generations, like objects in a museum? Wait a minute… There is such a place: Freesound! "

It's free to browse their library of thousands of uploaded sounds, the only catch - you have to register, for free, to download.

Let me just quote from a reviewer I came across
"In search of interesting, appropriately licensed sounds for personal amusement, some google searching led me to, which has many thousands of freely usable, user-contributed sound recordings, all Creative Commons licensed. Some of them are tiny snippets, the audio equivalent of the icons on a computer screen, and some are lengthy field recordings. "

Want to find that totally different ringtone, or that Canon SLR sound for your phone's camera? What about creating a montage of spooky sounds to play to those Trick-or-treaters at Halloween? Then try

Try these tags as examples ......

1-shot+ acoustic+ ambiance+ ambience+ ambient+ analog+ announcement+ artificial+ atmosphere+ background+ bass+ beat+ bell+ bird+ birds+ car+ city+ click+ computer+ crowd+ cymbal+ dance+ dark+ deep+ digital+ distorted+ distortion+ door+ drone+ drum+ drums+ effect+ electric+ electro+ electronic+ engine+ english+ experimental+ female+ field+ field-recording+ foley+ fx+ girl+ glitch+ guitar+ hard+ hit+ horror+ house+ human+ industrial+ kick+ loop+ machine+ male+ metal+ multisample+ music+ nature+ noise+ pad+ people+ percussion+ piano+ processed+ radio+ rain+ reaktor+ recording+ request+ reverb+ sample+ sci-fi+ short+ snare+ sound+ soundscape+ space+ speak+ speech+ stereo+ street+ synth+ synthesizer+ synthetic+ talk+ techno+ tom+ traffic+ train+ trance+ velocity+ vocal+ voice+ water+ weird+ wind+ woman+ wood+


I used to be a stage manager in a theatre. I'd have killed for this back then!

Hopefully no birdsong copyright issues arise..... oO

Such an awesome website. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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