Freestanding Cake Mixer (Cream) Reduced to Clear, was £100 now £25 @ Wilko instore

Freestanding Cake Mixer (Cream) Reduced to Clear, was £100 now £25 @ Wilko instore

Found 10th Oct 2016Made hot 11th Oct 2016
Been keeping an eye on this one for a while. An amazing bargain!

Found in Carmarthen store, was around 4 or 5 left at the back of the store.


no way this was £100

It wasn't £100

Posted about a month ago.

This is a Wilkins value


Posted about a month ago.

​deal ended a week later, I for one have been waiting on it to drop again, as staff told me it soon would

See I picked one of these up about a month and a half ago for £25, I knew it had been reduced from £75 to £50, then when I went in one day it was £25, so I picked one up (beats mixing by hand). Fairly good looking machine too, not sure about the plastic guard though as it has a gaping hole in one side (as well as the input hole) so seems basically pointless.

Either way it's a good deal considering, even if it's just tiding me over until I get a Kenwood!

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no way this was £100

Hi, it was reduced from £100 to £75 at one point. Like I said in my OP, been waiting for it to drop

good deal if you can find one - went to Crewe branch and they knew nothing of the deal unfortunately, but if you can find it - a good offer. Heat from me:)


This is a Wilkins value


doesn't look to be national. wasn't reduced in reading

I picked up the Kenwood chefette on the ASDA deal as I already owned one which was 20 years old. They are great bits of kit. I don't do enough to justify the big kenwood.

Had the last two from Carmarthen today !! Bargain and it's a really nice one:D happy with that!!


It wasn't £100

It was £100 saw it at that two weeks ago down to £70 last week and £25 this week

Checked Wilkinson Yeovil (Somerset) and they are reduced to £50 rather than £25, it's a shame as I probably would have had one at £25
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