Freestanding Food Mixer Set Cream 1000W £75 @ Wilko

Freestanding Food Mixer Set Cream 1000W £75 @ Wilko

Found 26th Jul 2016
12x speeds to mix, beat, whip & knead. 3L stainless steel static bowl. Robust stainless steel whisks. Non-stick dough hook & beater. With plastic lid to cover bowl & soft start. Instructions included.

Bought this for the wife a few months ago, was waiting for it to drop but it seemed to stay at £100.00

A very powerful mixer for the price, it doesn't say that it's on sale so this could well be a new lower price but certainly plenty of bang for your buck.

Edit- Price now dropped to £50!
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wow that seems a very good price for the power it has, how noisy is it though ?
Also can you advise what the body is made of ? it looks like plastic but hard to tell

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It is part plastic part steel, although I've gone missing when she's given it a whirl.

I must say that I haven't used it personally but my wife is a keen baker and is very happy with it. I'd recommend it as an option to peruse when comparing to the higher priced alternatives. Not everyone can afford to shell out £400 on a mixer, however for the everyman this is seemingly a decent option.
Heat added.. certainly a cheaper alternative!
I'm a professional baker/pastry chef, I've used many brands of mixers.
In my experience there are two main things that will eventually cause a mixer to fail: overloading, and if the mixer has nylon cogs. You get what you pay for, if you want something that will last look for a mixer that has metal gears rather than nylon.
I'd certainly bow to your better judgement, but for someone making cakes every mow and again wouldn't something like this be reasonable?

Edit: also don't some Kitchenaid models have nylon cogs?
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It is now £50
Only 6 in stock, Is it worth buying at this price £50?
TCB: 4.2% making it £51.90 delivered
Updated thread accordingly, thanks for the spot.
All gone. Thanks Ozzi. Good find.
Morriston Swansea had 3- 2 cream one black they are now down to one of each
we got one and its great!
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