Freetime Robot R88-03 Robot Vacuum -Makro

Freetime Robot R88-03 Robot Vacuum -Makro

Found 28th Sep 2012
A cheaper alternative to the irobot. Get the impression that these are just a gimmick but at £35 (with a Makro card) I might be tempted.

Seems to be going for £50 ish elsewhere and +£100 on Amazon!!

Available from 02/10/12
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I know its maybe only 15% of the price of an irobot, but its also only 15% of the performance. Seriously, you'll be following this around with your proper vacuum.
These are fine for flat surfaces but I don't think that this model works well on carpets (I may be wrong), and cheaper brands do still work well, I have one. If lino or wood flooring is what you have then this is a great price.
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