Freeview PVR 80GB Hard disk and Twin Tuner

Freeview PVR 80GB Hard disk and Twin Tuner

Found 24th Jul 2006
Another Netto deal (no I don't work for them).
Looks similar to the one posted on here from aldi a while back.

Features: (from what I can read)

Twin Tuner (record one watch one)
80GB Hard drive
Interactive text (MHEG 5)

Plus filmfour became free yesterday and you'll get that with this box.
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An excellent price, but if it's anything similar to the Aldi one from 5-6mths ago then it's probably not even worth that much.
More expensive twin tuner boxes are available from big names like Sony, Panasonic, Humax that all have their individual drawbacks. I bought a Topfield box with 250gb hard drive about 8mth ago and absolutely love it - not perfect out of the box but can be configured with loads of programs (taps) via a PC for improved usability 8-)
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