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Posted 28 February 2023

French for Beginners Kindle Edition - Free @ Amazon

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French for beginners free kindle book
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  1. Dealmessiah's avatar
    49669500-kN9W0.jpgThis was the only French for beginners book I needed.
  2. Ross81's avatar
  3. davej1710's avatar
    Del: My favouritist meal is Duck à l'Orange, but I don't know how to say that in French.
    Rodney: It's canard.
    Del: You can say that again bruv!
    OFAH's avatar
    He just learnt his from a Citroën manual
  4. Piranha_Plant's avatar
    What chapter teaches me how to strike & riot the right way
  5. royy's avatar
    Mange tout
  6. yespleasesir's avatar
  7. mike4scuba's avatar
    Got my three year old the learn Spanish version but still had learnt anything a year later. I think that's poor for four isn't it
  8. roehampton's avatar
    I like to listen to other people speaking French but there is no way I would ever be able to learn that difficult language. I know, the language is not a problem here, I'm the problem.
    joyf4536's avatar
    Speaking it is possible, understanding the answers is harder.
  9. RaiKush's avatar
    Ah Pepé Le Pew's language....
    Heat anyway
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Pepe Le Pew was CUT from Space Jam 2 following allegations that the amorous French skunk 'normalized rape culture' and taught boys that 'no didn't really mean no'

  10. plasticleaf108's avatar
  11. darren_hooker's avatar
    Merci.. Ce bien ca.. (edited)
  12. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    Zut alors!
    Zerodriven's avatar
    Sackboy PTSD intensifies
  13. mert's avatar
    Merci beaucoup.
    Bee_Kayy's avatar
    Great album
  14. shral's avatar
  15. xxxxbrettxxxx's avatar
    Thanks OP
  16. mu1's avatar
    How do you say surrender in French?
    ToxicNeo's avatar
    je suis une merde de poulet
  17. mfactor's avatar
    I know its free, but havent we all done French for beginers at school lol
    Shard's avatar
    No. It was one one of three options when I was a kid: German, Welsh or French, while in some English schools it's French or Spanish (edited)
  18. Shard's avatar
    Bought, but I have to say I think books are rubbish for learning a language. You're better off with the BBC "Talk" courses for tourism or (much better) Michel Thomas courses for actually opening your mouth and being able to say something
    Radec's avatar
    depends on yhe person and their preferred method(s) of learning and retention.

    i like books, and find them a great aid for the writing part.
  19. Rolefitleader's avatar
    Hi, ordered thanks for posting OP
  20. yuri9's avatar
    Omelette au fromage et baguette
  21. FoxRaynard's avatar
    Haw hee haw he haw!!
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