French Lavender plants £2.00 each at Morrisons

French Lavender plants £2.00 each at Morrisons

Found 1st Aug 2016
I just found some beautiful lavender plants at my local Morrisons in Aylesbury retailing for £2.00 which is a steel compared to £3.89 at Lidl and £3.99 at Aldi. These plants are very healthy and looked a picture so i bought 5 of them.They apparently keep the cats away which is a bonus and they smell well nice. The smell is connected to healing and the lavender can be used to freshen up draws etc in lavender bags.They last through the winter and are very hardy and need little water. I can't find a direct link or picture but hey ho they're you go. Enjoy !
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They also had some small acers for £2 (usually £3).
Why can't we get English Lavender?

Why can't we get English Lavender?

We can I think homebase sell it
Bleedin French! Coming over here, taking subsidised supermarket space that could go to English Lavender and undercutting them on price too.
Nice one. Could do with some & stop the local feral cats from crapping in my garden. Absolutely reeks the moment I step outside.:(
Saw these earlier and agree they are very good for the money!

Not sure about keeping cats away though, mine loves rubbing up against it!

I bought some of these - They spoke Dutch not French!

Why can't we get English Lavender?

​Thomson & Morgan frequently do offers on e.g. 72 English Lavender plug plants for £4.99 or so, smaller but fun growing them.
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