Fresh and Lo Milk 2litres 65p @ Tesco Crewe
Fresh and Lo Milk 2litres 65p @ Tesco Crewe

Fresh and Lo Milk 2litres 65p @ Tesco Crewe

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Shelf said £1.10 and it went through at 65p, this was in Crewe.
seen at Kidsgrove too, but the listed price had changed to 65p


Also At Newollerton Notts. Just Noticed Receipt

This isn't a misprice, as the SEL at my local store is 65p, and it's 65p online. I imagine it's a response to the milk price war thats going on at the moment with Asda.

*big thumbs up*

Would be nice if they showed the price instore or is that too much to ask.

Seems it is nationwide.

65p at my local store (Lanark)

I posted a deal on here a couple weeks back for cheap milk in Iceland, and thought that was a good price at £1.00 for four pints(which is a bit more than 2 litres). Since then I've seen milk in Tesco at 73p for 2 litres, and now 65p for 2 litres.
Definately seems like a supermarket milk price war. Great for us shoppers, not so great for the producers. How on earth can they make a living at this price?

Anyway heat added, I'm off to drink some cheap milk!

Either loss-leading or the supermarkets screwing them over. Neither is unheard of.

65p on the shelf label and checkout at my local Tesco atm

Sadly it's a long way from being a loss leader - except for the producers (as usual) - they're getting 19p a litre - down from 26p a year ago. At last the customer is getting some benefit, I guess. It's taken long enough to filter through to us, of course.

yeah same price in plymouth too

Same price (65p) in the CM area...

thats a very good price. Going to stock up.

65p in express stores too

got it in shrewsbury - there was no price on the shelf but was 65p at checkout!

65p in sheffield, nearly drunk 2 litres, delicious...!!!

65p in Hull as well. Brilliant. Cheapest I'd seen 2 litres previously was 75p.

This is online too.

LIDL is 99p for 2L
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