Fresh Salmon Fillets 1/2 price @ Morrisons Fish Counter £6.49 per kilo

Fresh Salmon Fillets 1/2 price @ Morrisons Fish Counter £6.49 per kilo

Found 15th Aug 2011
Very good price for Fresh Salmon Fillets.
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DOnt forget to buy WILD Salmon only- NEVER go for FARMED one as they are next to poison!!! At this price, this one clearly seems to be FARMED- BEWARE guys...
Cheap, so hot.

However, if you ever get the chance to try wild caught salmon, rather than the farmed stuff usually flogged by the supermarkets, do it.
We had some wild caught on holiday in Alaska recently - it was just delicious.
Or get yourself a cleek and nip down to your local river and poach one. £0.oo per kg or a £100.per kg if your caught.
Horrible stuff, bleugh!
farmed Salmon dozen seem that bad not when you compare it to the meat industry…mon
I always buy the tinned alaskan stuff, tinned is actually better for you than frozen believe it or not.
I usually buy my salmon fom Morrison's and it's not bad, so I might buy a few fillets. I recently bought some frozen Alaskan wild salmon fillets but I haven't tried them yet. I shall have one at weekend and compare with the farmed.

you'll find the Farmed Salmon is taster, however not as good for you as the real Wild Alsakan Salmon. Better health benefits
Based on what I've tried, wild salmon was way tastier. Maybe not if it's frozen and shipped a million miles though.
Had last night and they were delicious! So fresh. We're going to get some more!
Salmon shouldn't be that colour...
Might stock up
and it's on again
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