Fresh Split-Tin loaf of bread (800g) only 50p!! @ Morrisons (Better Than Half Price)

Fresh Split-Tin loaf of bread (800g) only 50p!! @ Morrisons (Better Than Half Price)

Found 27th Jul 2009Made hot 27th Jul 2009
Just been into my local Morrisons and found they have the large 800g fresh split-tin loaves of bread for only 50p (marked as better than half price).

Not sure how long this deal will last, but it's excellent value.

I asked the nice chap on the counter to slice the ones I bought :o)


I LOVE fresh uncut bread!
HOT from me - just a shame theres not a morrissons near me

hot deal but isnt morrisons bread not that good

Worked in a morrisons Bakery for 4 years. this price is a steal!!! Cheaper than they sold them 4 years ago before the price of flour went through the roof.

These loaves (if it's the instore bakery split tin) are baked by hand by real bakers on site as long as you're a reasonable sized store.

They should be baked in batches throughout the day but in reality they're made in the morning (particularly in the smaller stores) so if you want the freshest go in early morning.

If you're looking for something with a bit better test try the Best Farmhouse range. A personal favourite is the 'Yorkshire Cracked Wheat' if you live in a Yorkshire store area.

Oh and please for the sake of my ex work colleagues don't get the bread sliced - it's a royal pain in the ****, slice it at home - it's the best bit about getting a fresh loaf.

ANOTHER GOOD TIP - don't buy pre-sliced loaves. It's nearly always yesterdays bread

I really love bread. And it's one of the few foods that most people can tell the difference between good and bad, without being all pretentious about it.

Good value. heated.
I make my own bread, as love the smell of it baking and tastes so nice.



hot deal but isnt morrisons bread not that good

morrisons bread is yumm, hot deal, will nip in there tomorrow x

Its ok if you can cut bread..... some times it comes out like a big door stop though

H & R added.

You can't beat a big door stop, freshly sliced and smothered in butter - pass the heartburn tablets please !

Bargain price.
No Morrisons near me :-(
Hope there's a supermarket bread wars now!

this was in yesterdays sun newspaper,i just read it today, think itll be going for a week
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