Friday (Blu-Ray) - £5.45 Delivered @ Zavvi

Friday (Blu-Ray) - £5.45 Delivered @ Zavvi

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For most people, Friday's just the day before the weekend. But after this Friday, the neighborhood'll never be the same.....

Thoroughly charming and totally hilarious day-in-the-life comedy in which co-writer Ice Cube plays the stoic Craig opposite Chris Tucker's Smokey, a brilliantly rendered hyperactive marijuana enthusiast. The two twentysomethings, Craig recently wrongly fired and Smokey terminally slacking and scamming, barely make it through one highly eventful day. Eloquent commentary on themes like community, family, friendship, and violence is seamlessly blended with lighter treatments of young romance, bathroom emergencies, nosy neighbors and much more. Casually impeccable performances by the entire cast make this film a standout.


Excellent soundtrack

Please only click if over 18!
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Excellent soundtrack

What was that?!we don't need things like that on a sunday !


What was that?!we don't need things like that on a sunday !

Apologies, have put a warning on link , hopefully the mods will not remove it.

Classic movie! Does anyone know if the transfer is any good?

it's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday


Classic movie! Does anyone know if the transfer is any good?

Looks ok.....…58/

good movie still watch it for a laf lol smokey kills it big time....

SMOKEY!!! brilliant stuff, thanks OP, ordered.

Great film. ClAssic

Hey, Smokey back here takin' a s**t!!

Thanks op, one of my all time favourite's, along with next Friday & Friday after next( I think that's what the third one was called).

dont nobody go in there for bout 35-45 minutes...somebody open a windowoO

YOU BEEN EATING CORN ????!!!!! LOL Classic !


Excellent soundtrackPlease only click if over 18!

The irony is it does actually have a great soundtrack!

you said this is indope, smells like outdope lol

jay_leeds its outdoor and indoor lol

you just got knocked the **** out !

Kris barber its indo and outdo lol

I'm a get you high today, cos it's Friday and you got nothin' better to do


jay_leeds its outdoor and indoor lol

It's Indo/Outdo. How would indoor/outdoor make any sense? lol.

Excellent movie -

Excellent comedy, a steal at this price, Sooooooo many quotes could be here all day with my faves.
Btw also check out house party 3 for similar stuff also like Friday including the late n great Bernie MAC at his best!

This is the true meaning of Friday, Rebbeca Black ruined it.


heeey big purrm i mean big worm :-D

Lol indope & outdope. Crazy.
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