Friels vintage cider 5L keg £13 at Tesco (7.4% alcohol)

Friels vintage cider 5L keg £13 at Tesco (7.4% alcohol)

Found 2nd Apr
Great price for 5L of this premium cider

330ml cans normally cost £1.50
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Is it still cider?
luvsadeal12 m ago

Is it still cider?

Yes it still is 😁
That'll put hairs on your chest.
What's this like? Working my way through a Budvar keg this weekend but saw this when I was buying it...
Rocket fuel ??
brain damage in a can
It's actually very tasty.. Well friels is lol
Bit wet for the park bench today, do they do a slimeline keg thats fits into a brown paper bag?
Not as straong tasting as I thought it would be - the Mrs thought it was watery!? Was Ok wouldnt rush to have it again
Good buy if you have a drink problem and you don't get hangovers
If you go to their site there is a free comp where you can win some hifi, cider and £200 to spend on records!…on/
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Rukanau12 h, 56 m ago

it's a keg mate

It's a can too mate. Canister.
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zx636r2nd Apr

That'll put hairs on your chest.

Yeah, it'll bleach ya ring upon exit too!
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