Friends - Complete Series 1-10 (30 discs) £94.99 or less

Friends - Complete Series 1-10 (30 discs) £94.99 or less

Found 20th Dec 2006
Admittedly not a blazing deal, but currently the best price on the complete Friends boxset.

Reduce to £94.99 using code: reward

- Use Quidco for a further 5% saving, effectively making the total price £90.24 -

Personally I would hold off buying unless it's essential as Friends DVDs are typically January sales 'friendly' products.


Thanks for posting MBeeching. I think this is the cheapest around for this box set at the mo

Very nice :santa: Thanks for this :santa:

Still not a bad price to pay, only a tad over £9 a series!

Just wish I could afford it...


Virgin credit card holders get another 10% off apparently, through their own area.

I got mine for £80 when it was £100 at HMV with 20% off ;-)

Definitely a great boxset to enjoy for aaaaaaaaaaages!

here's a cheaper idea, you could get a freeview box for about £25 and watch 2 episodes of friends EVERY SINGLE DAY on E4 lol. or if you already have one or you have sky you dont have to do anything - just flick to sky channel 140.

i would kind of like to own the boxset, but i think ive watced friends to death courtesy of E4. still a good show when there's nothing else on tho.
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