Friends - Series 8 (Box Set) £14.97

Friends - Series 8 (Box Set) £14.97

Found 26th Jan 2007
This is £50 in virgin megastore so seems a bargain if your into friends!

my first deal post, please be kind!


Episodes 1 - 8

The One After "I Do"

Monica and Chandler`s wedding reception is almost upstaged by the news that someone may be pregnant. Phoebe suspects it`s Rachel and comes up with a plan to cover for her friend.

The One With The Red Sweater

Monica and Phoebe speculate about who might be the father of Rachel`s baby. Mistakenly thinking Phoebe is the one who`s pregnant, Joey makes a gallant gesture.

The One Where Rachel Tells Ross

Everybody seems to know who the father of Rachel`s baby is, except the guy himself: Ross. Phoebe and Joey fib about a gas leak to gain entry to Monica and Chandler`s apartment.

The One With The Videotape

Ross and Rachel`s attempt to explain how they wound up getting pregnant turns into an argument over who came on to whom - until Ross makes the shocking announcement that he has the encounter on videotape.

The One With Rachel`s Date

Ross is horrified to learn that the pregnant Rachel is headed out on a date with a handsome actor, while Phoebe protests when Monica wants to fire a cute but clumsy sous-chef whom she fancies.

The One With The Halloween Party

At Monica`s Halloween party, Phoebe meets her twin sister Ursula`s fiance and finds herself attracted to him as well.

The One With The Stain

Ross learns Rachel wants to move out and find her own place... and suggests a vacancy in his building. But Joey gives Ross tough competition when he puts a nursery in their apartment to make her stay.

The One With The Stripper

Feeling guilty for denying Chandler a real bachelor party, Monica arranges for a stripper to perform for him, but Chandler`s in for a big surprise.

Episodes 9 - 16

The One With The Rumour

The One With Monica`s Boots

The One With Ross`s Step Forward

The One Where Joey Dates Rachel

The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath

The One With The Secret Closet

The One With The Birthing Video

The One Where Joey Tells Rachel.

Episodes 17 - 24

More info...

* Video system: PAL
* Language: English, English,French, French
* No. of disks: 3
* Producer: Kevin S. Bright
* Sound format: Dolby Digital 2.0 Dolby Surround
* Catalogue number: D023478
* Aspect ratio: 1.33:1

DVD special features

Original TV broadcast episodes, each containing "never before seen" footage, exclusive to DVD.

Web enabled scene access interactive menus.
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Every series of Friends is currently on for £12.49 (delivered) each and they're all currently in stock.

Every series of Friends is currently on for £12.49 (delivered) … Every series of Friends is currently on for £12.49 (delivered) each and they're all currently in stock.



] thats a mis-price

lol i think so what about this one! ]http//ww…691 :giggle:
lol weird that
the one at virgin is the skyline edition which is very rare and sells for hundreds on ebay too.
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