FRIENDS - SERIES 9 (BOX SET) £10.49 Delivered

FRIENDS - SERIES 9 (BOX SET) £10.49 Delivered

Found 29th Jan 2008
You should know who your friends are by now. After all this is Series 9.
Everyone's favourite set of "pals" are on DVD, and it's time to update your collection. Join hangdog-expressioned Ross, anal-retentive Monica, the One-liner-spouting Chandler, Ditzy Phoebe, fashion conscious Rachael and slow thinking Joey, as they manoeuvre their way through life, love and each other's beds. With a host of guest stars and a lorry-load of witty remarks, each episode represents the very best in American comedy. They may get a million pounds an episode these days, but you can certainly see how they earned it.

Episodes Include: The One Where No One Proposes / The One Where Emma Cries / The One With The Pediatrician / The One With The Sharks / The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner / The One With The Male Nanny / The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song / The One With Rachel's Other Sister / The One With Rachel's Phone Number / The One With Christmas In Tulsa / The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work / The One With Phoebe's Rats / The One Where Monica Sings / The One With The Blind Dates / The One With The Mugging / The One With The Boob Job / The One With The Memorial Service / The One With The Lottery / The One With Rachel's Dream / The One With The Soap Opera Party / The One With The Fertility Test / The One With The Donor / The One In Barbados (Parts 1 & 2)


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Just noticed that Season 8 is available at the same price

Seasons 1 - 10 £9.99 each @

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Apologies, I was going on this info from find-dvd:…htm
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