Frijj Milkshakes - 39p each at Heron

Frijj Milkshakes - 39p each at Heron

Found 4th Nov 2017
They only had 2 flavours at my local: Mango & Passionfruit or limited edition White Chocolate and Pistachio (yes, I agree WTF?) but different stores may have different flavours.

Mine were dated 25/11/2017
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I can't find any stores.
Used to be a regular at my local but had non for a long time now, also Frijj stopped doing the best flavours so I don't bother with them now, heat added for this price though
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Update: had the white chocolate and pistachio and it wasn’t evil
wtf are these flavours? and thats why they are so cheap
Heat for price but the wrong flavour for me
White Choc is Great but the Sugar Free Bs ain't Nice
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