Frijj Milkshakes HALF PRICE in tesco 48p
Frijj milkshakes down to 48p in tesco. Varieties available in my local store are Banana, chocolate and strawberry.
Probably my favourite milkshake. Great deal.


The chocolate fudge one (chief wiggum on the front) was only 47p too.

Only 45p at Morrisons..!!!

Chocolate Fudge Brownie FTW! Yummmmy :w00t:


Chocolate Fudge Brownie FTW! Yummmmy :w00t:




Don't have a morrisons anywhere near me so it's worth shelling out the extre few pennies to get em in Tesco.

I was in Tesco lastnight about 11pm and this offer wasn't on Will have to take a trip again over the weekend to take advantage of this. Allthough I still have a bunch of Yazoo's in the cupboard from the last offer lol


BOGOF in ASDA (so 49p each)

ummm sludge

Hopefully there will be some Vanilaaaaaargh! on offer in my Asda.

mmmmmmmmmm frijj is the nuts!

nothing in my tesco metro - waas hoping to feel sick all afternoon at work


Only 45p at Morrisons..!!!

Just seen them in Morrisons for 45p but there was only banana and vanilla flavours.

Tasty! - wish I had a local Tesco.

Just been to Tesco's missed them DAMN!!

good old frijj-
very good price


...a vile drink...

just bought 2 nice heat added

Ok so what do you drink then?


...a vile drink...


Civic EG6;3455208

Ok so what do you drink then?

Milk, blended with fresh fruit if I was having a (strawberry) milkshake!!


No Morrisons near here (Heathrow). Bought 2x Choc (who likes Vanilla or Banana - Yuch!!)

2 chocs (plus a small fresh banana) - spent just over a £ - took my own bag and doubled my points using CC+
so earned 4 clubard points as well - which is 16p towards CC deals - so effectively paid 40p per Frijj - MASSIVO SAVINGS !!


Thanks for the reminder :thumbsup:

Just got 2 of the 47p ones this morning, im drinking it now! YUMMY.

Just bought some of the chocolate fudge! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

OP - could you add an expiry date (or someone list it) - still on today, but missus whisked me away from the section
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