Fritz for Fun 13 Steam Key £1.49 EBAY @ ENT2U

Fritz for Fun 13 Steam Key £1.49 EBAY @ ENT2U

Found 29th Sep 2016
This is great for learning or improving your chess. At £1.49 it is a bargain. It is also very easy to add other chess engines.

Key Features:

Fritz 13 Interface

Fritz 13 engine and Fritz Training engine (32 bit)

1 months Premium membership to, the world’s largest online chess community. Play, train and watch online

1.5 Million games database

Let’s Check! Database access to over 200 million extensively analyzed positions through December 2015

18 different 3D chessboards, 9 2D chessboards, 5 sets of 2D pieces

First-class video trainers and 1000 checkmate exercises

Play in Friend Mode, get hints and spy

Includes “101 Checkmate puzzles"
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Steam store page. Probably worth looking at some of the reviews as people have had issues redeeming keys for the game.
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