Frogs / Lake Placid / Piranha @ PLAY.com £4.99
Frogs / Lake Placid / Piranha @ PLAY.com £4.99

Frogs / Lake Placid / Piranha @ PLAY.com £4.99

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Frogs Dir. George McCowan, 1972): Today the pond! Tomorrow the world!

Jumping with action, suspense revenge and Southern Gothic charm, Frogs stars Ray Milland, Sam Elliott and Joan Van Ark are constantly a lily away from croaking! Joan Crockett (Milland) is an aging, physically disable millionaire who invites this family to his island estate for his birthday party. The old man is more than crotchetyhe's crazy! Hating nature, Crockett poisons anything that crawls on his property. But on the night of his shindig, it's nature's payback time, as thousands of frogs whip up every bug and slimy thing into a toxic frenzy until the entire environment goes environ-mental.

Lake Placid (Dir. Steve Miner, 1999): Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda and Oliver Platt share an appetite for sheer adventure when a tranquil New England lakefront erupts into an action-packed den of destruction.

An investigative team of malcontents (armed with state-of-the-art equipment, high-powered weaponry and a biting sense of sarcasm) must work together to defeat Black Lake's most ferocious resident: a 30-foot prehistoric crocodile!

Piranha (Dir. Joe Dante, 1978): Lost River Lake was a thriving resort - until they discovered...

A school of piranha are heading downstream and eating everything in their way... just when you though it was safe to go back in the water!

Produced by legendary producer-director Roger Corman, Piranha is the film that helped spawn the careers of Joe Dante (director), Jon Davison (producer), John Sayles (writer), Rob Bottin (special effects), and Chris Walas (effects). Starring Kevin McCarthy, Keenan Wynn, Bradford Dillman, and Heather Menzies, as well as long time Corman-faves Dick Miller, Barbara Steele, and Paul Bartel.



rubbish films i would be embarassed to have them let alone pay for them

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I was thinking more of the below £5 secret santa pressie.... for someone you really like obviously

Frogs, tagline: Cold green skin against soft warm flesh...a croak...a scream.

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