Posted 30 August 2022

Energy Grant (£250 to £1500) - eligible British Gas customers from 12-09 / Energy Grant up to £1500 all customers @ British Gas

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British Gas are launching a new £25m fund from 12th September for British Gas customers with an energy debt of between £250 and £1500. Applications will be open from 12th September on this page if eligible britishgas.co.uk/bri…tml. Just letting people know in case they were not aware.

To be considered for a grant you must meet the following criteria (will need to double check this info once live)

  • You live in England, Scotland or Wales
  • You must be seeking a grant to clear an outstanding debt on a current or open gas, electricity or dual fuel energy account in your name or be a member of that household. The energy account must relate to your main residence
  • You have electric and / or gas debt between £250 to £1500

Non British Gas customers - energy grant help

British Gas also runs a grant scheme called the Individuals and Families Fund, which is open to all right now including non British Gas customers subject to eligibility criteria. This offers grants worth up to £1,500 for households with an energy debt between £250 and £750. Before applying to the Trust you must get money or debt advice first

To be considered for a grant you must meet the following criteria

  • You live in England, Scotland or Wales
  • You have not had a grant from the British Gas Energy Trust within the last two years
  • You must be seeking a grant to clear an outstanding debt on a current or open gas, electricity or dual fuel energy account in your name or be a member of that household, and the energy account must be for your main home
  • You have electric and/or gas debt
  • You must be in, or facing, fuel poverty
  • You have received help from a money advice agency

Apply now

Energy Grants from other companies

Other energy companies offer help for those struggling to pay their bills (thanks to @Dan_82 for info)

Useful info

British Gas More details at British Gas
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  1. Avatar
    looks like a act of guilt to me, can't wait to see there next quarterly profits. rip off Briton
    My understanding is its not the end supplier making all the money, its the wholesaler like shell and BP. That's why so many energy suppliers are going out of business. They are actually having to provide energy below cost for them. Plenty of reasons to be angry about the current situation but I don't think it should be directed at the end supplier. That's my understanding anyway, happy to be corrected but that's what I found to be the case when my previous supplier went bust.
  2. Avatar
    Good thing for those eligible.

    However the government should be taking action to avoid this situation in the first place.
    While the royal drama is taking in millions from taxpayers.
  3. Avatar
    For anyone who usually claims the BG warm home payment, look at the new T&C's
    Usually includes people on low incomes or a disability.
    Apparently the Government have took over it and will decide who will get it
    So, all this £400 lark is an absolute con!
    What they give in one hand they take from the other
  4. Avatar
    A Tory speaks.
  5. Avatar
    Ok, Step 1 so companies can now set the prices they can charge. Step 2 companies make unprecedented profits. (Centrica averaged £200m per QTR, last quarter £1300m profit. They say due to the high prices, as an explanation, not that they set the prices whilst the average person struggles. The government allow it to happen , and slap the companies with a windfall tax, still meaning they pocket larger profits and the government pocket hundreds of millions. So continue to let the people pay for it. People start to wake up, so companies then say let's give the people back peanuts, and they'll think we are helping, people then say thank you, and somehow the masses are grateful for being robbed.
  6. Avatar
    you know only a very small % does this, this has nothing to do with the topic
    smartphones are cheap now incase you didn't know
  7. Avatar
    Some of the views on here are Similar to the views when workers go on strike….

    It’s the classic human race to the bottom mentality, I don’t get this so nobody else should either!

    People need to be able to heat their house, feed their family and do you know what maybe even have the luxury of a light in their living room.

    The lowest Wages in this country are far too low to pay for the astronomical cost of housing and rent, and the now huge utility bills.

    So whilst I think this is a bit of a gimmick. This problem needs a proper government not an absent government. I’m not going to start beating the poorest in society.
    Years of bad decisions by successive governments. Blair/Brown for signing the Lisbon Treaty. Current Government interference in Ukraine/Russia.
  8. Avatar
    What a 🔔🔚. The energy price cap has gone up by 80%. This was wholly unforeseen before February of this year!!! An everyday commodity that is essential in virtually every home. And that's the best you can come up with.
  9. Avatar
    Sadly any one of us could find ourselves in this situation. Make the poorest of society grovel for the scraps from our masters and all part of a coordinated plan.
    100%. I think this is all part of something by the WEF called "the great reset".
  10. Avatar
    Genuinely happy for those unfotunate ones that this will help. Sure there will be some who will just take a ride and would benefit more from some financial education. Times are getting tough, so be kind to others if you can. I hope for my own sake, that my wife and I will not get into situation where we need the help but I hope this will benefit some.
  11. Avatar
    And out come the spiteful nasty bunch, unhappy that those in debt are getting help because those who are upto date arent getting something for nothing.. the whole of soceity is a joke.

    Why cant anyone see this is a fund to help those in dire straits? woudl you rather be in that position to get some of your bill paid off?
    It depends entirely on the reason for the debt surely? I make sacrifices on a low income to ensure my bills are paid. Why should someone who won’t adjust their lifestyle be rewarded? I am not nasty or spiteful, just tired of trying my best to help myself.
  12. Avatar
    People’s attitudes towards others getting something and them not is awful to read.
    School ground if I can’t have it NO-ONE can.
    Get a grip…
    I think its mostly from the POV of calling out the hypocrisy of the situation.
    There's a major class of people that a basically paying all the time and not enjoying any benefits. They are being told by those who are not addressing the situation properly that they're helping, but not really and never enough. They are doing PR stunts, collecting virtue points at a time when anxiety hits the red zone.

    So in that sense, yes, if I can't have it no one can. Shut it all down and stop with the half cooked measures because you're not fooling anybody. We're talking British Gas here after all, who has Centrica, a major energy producer to back them up and their support is, to put it politely, pathetic.
  13. Avatar
    Oldest trick in the book, threaten with calamitous rise in bills, then reduce to double the previous year and people are eternally grateful.
    Media works hand in hand with the Government and the capitalist elite.
  14. Avatar
    I've signed up to the national protest for cancelling direct debits on 1 Oct. It will send a clear message to the suppliers and the government.
    Looks like the leaders of the pledge won’t be doing it, they said if they got 1 million signed up, only got 13% at the moment can’t see them getting the extra in a month.
  15. Avatar
    Divide and Conquer
    Spot on.
  16. Avatar
    giving the peasants pennies while they enjoy government protection.
  17. Avatar
    We wouldn’t need grants if the government would do its job, sadly this is not the case for a very long time. Relying on other nations when it comes to crucial infrastructure is something a government should avoid at all cost. Cheap cheap is not always cheap in the long run….

    However, its good now that we are in this situation that help is available.
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    I am one for helping people, but everyone should get help.

    We are all being conned by the rich and greedy. When will people see this and rise and demand fair prices on everything and proper wages?

    Well people ? > what you waiting on ? Are you waiting on your death?
  19. Avatar
    It would be nice to see a typical 2.4 working family getting some support for a change.
    Demand a pay rise.
  20. Avatar
    Look forward to the day they offer some kind of grant to normal working families who don't claim any benefits, are not in debt, but are grafting every single day and saving every single penny to just about stay afloat.
    The normal working family now needs universal credit to stay afloat...
  21. Avatar
    Talk about a drop in the ocean. And why should people who aren’t behind in payments not be eligible?!
    Don't worry, by October we'll all fall into that category!
  22. Avatar
    There’s some very bitter and ill-educated people here!

    Being in debt doesn’t mean = 1) you’re on benefits 2) you’re a scrounger 3) you’re bad with money

    Dont pay these companies any more than you need to. Call and ask for your DD to be lowered to whatever amount they will allow. That way you retain the DD discount and can put the rest of what your bill would normally cost into a S&S ISA. Sell when you change supplier or move house. Simple.

    Stop turning on each other or blaming the poor. Your anger is directed in completely the wrong direction
    Absolutely, well said, so much nastiness I'm seeing because of the energy hikes and the anger is aimed at the wrong people
  23. Avatar
    It’s like they’re doing you a favour
    UBI by the backdoor anybody??... 👀
  24. Avatar
    How about a grant to people who work and save for the future, because its reponsible?
    lobby your local mp!
  25. Avatar
    Typical, throw money at people who can't manage it!
    I don't think that's how it works, they don't hand out cash.

    They simply deduct a certain amount of money from the energy bill over the next few months.
    e.g. £250 over 6 months would be ~£42 deducted from electric/gas bill.
  26. Avatar
    Isn't it horrible to think that the majority of commenters are quick to complain about anyone and anything other than those in power that have put us in this position in the first place. This is exactly what this government feed off, and you keep giving it to them on a plate.

    Let's see how many by the end of this year and into early next year will be in a similar position to those they think 'can't manage their money' or are 'scroungers'. (edited)
    While I agree with you, it’s extremely annoying to be someone with a just above average salary, living in rented accommodation, basically getting monthly take home zero’d by rent/food/energy but being ineligible for any support. No rich parents and the gov policy seems intent on making sure that position is zero’d with a future obligation of tax to cover the debt from all the money being given in subsidies.

    it’s getting much harder to aspire to a good life in the U.K.
  27. Avatar
    I see that the government's strategy of devide and conquer is working as intended
    Yep and this day and age we still bite.
  28. Avatar
    They should have only allowed the price cap to go up by inflation. Then let the government subsidise the gas and electricity companies.
    No, because inflation figures are not in line with specific commodity price rises. Has your expenses only risen by 9-10% in recent months, which is what the inflation figures are currently ? Most likely it has shot up by 20% or more because the stuff you buy is not in the commodity basket on which the inflation is measured.
  29. Avatar
    The "help" is wrong. What needs to happen is that the price of the energy needs to come down, not throw money at paying the current price.

    Otherwise, we're stuck with it and it won't ever come down.

    I don't know how to bring the energy price down, but that's how I see it.
  30. Avatar
    British Gas grant for British Gas debt so paying themselves. For many, the idea of going into debt is terrifying so will go without heat to avoid debt. Lowering a tariff for all would be the best procedure but Centrica want their profits so won’t.
    It’s removed from their profits because they ultimately buy gas from the open market. They have no gas themselves.
    The money is owed, so they are paying it as opposed to the consumer.
  31. Avatar
    I've kept up with my bills already at £281 a month yet British gas don't feel I need any help unless I go into debt. Everyone should be treated equally and not discriminate against the working people
    Working people can apply, unless I’m reading it wrong
  32. Avatar
    Nationalise the energy companies, the dumb government with all the capitalistic approach is killing the people the general people will suffer, only the truly rich will not feel the pain. In France the energy companies cannot raise the prices by more then 5% or like, those companies are here in the UK milking the UK population
    If the mainstream media wasn't so biased, try having a look at byline times
  33. Avatar
    Does grate, worked the last 40 years managed to accrue some moderate savings by living carefully so no eligibility for anything, but forced to come out of retirement to pay the bills.
    Sorry for you mate. I think if this situation continues retirement will only be an option for the £10 million+ rich.
  34. Avatar
    Mmm think I will invite anyone to come over and charge their eV up for a month then cancel my dd. Half price charging at mine guys.
  35. Avatar
    Damn. I pay my bill. Didn't think of not paying it.
    I pay my bills, not me, I live with my parents, they pay the bill
  36. Avatar
    Oh wow, if I had underpaid all my direct debits and spent it on other things I would get help. Instead I paid a little extra and went without so will not get help. Lesson learned.
  37. Avatar
    How the heck are you spending £300 a month with solar panels and a 19p/Kw price?
    Something doesn’t seem right there.
  38. Avatar
    Guess I will be paying towards this. Years ago you got cut off, not rewarded
    I truly hope by the end of this year you're not in the position of being cut off or unable to afford heating.
  39. Avatar
    Rewards people who go to the pub instead of paying debt
    you won’t need to fret much longer how “your earnings “ are spent as there will be very few pubs open soon
  40. Avatar
    Give me hope Joanna I thought thst said Eddie grant then