From Dusk Till Dawn 1-3 Complete Collection Blu-ray £8.99 @ Zavvi
From Dusk Till Dawn 1-3 Complete Collection Blu-ray £8.99 @ Zavvi

From Dusk Till Dawn 1-3 Complete Collection Blu-ray £8.99 @ Zavvi

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From Dusk Till Dawn

From the creators of 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Desperado' comes 'From Dusk Till Dawn', a wild and wicked action thriller. A deranged convict, along with his fast-talking brother, kidnap a preacher and his two kids, and flee for the safety of a remote nightclub in Mexico. But once they arrive, they discover that the club is anything but a safe haven for criminals. Its bloodthirsty clientele forces the brothers to team up with their hostages in order to escape alive. Hilarious dialogue and outrageous plot twists make 'From Dusk Till Dawn' a wildly entertaining thrill ride for audiences everywhere.

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money

Get ready for non-stop action when a bank-robbing gang of misfits heads to Mexico with the blueprints for the perfect million-dollar heist! But when one of the key crooks wanders into the wrong bar and crosses the wrong vampire the thieving cohorts one by one develop a thirst for blood to match their hunger for money! Ultimately, the last fully human burglar (Robert Patrick) is forced to join with his arch rival, a Texas sheriff (Bo Hopkins), in an action-packed, kill-or-be-killed battle to stop these vile creatures and save their own lives!

From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter

The latest bone-chilling installment of 'From Dusk Till Dawn' reveals how this frightening saga all began! Narrowly escaping death, outlaw Johnny Madrid (Marco Leonardi) is on the run from the hangman (Temuera Morrison) with the hangman's sensuous daughter Esmeralda by his side! Along with Madrid's gang, Johnny and Esmeralda embark on an adventure filled with colorful and unsavory characters who lead them straight into the fight of their lives! Also featuring Danny Trejo, Rebecca Gayheart and Michael Parks, you won't want to miss a minute of the epic confrontation that results in Esmeralda's discovery of her secret birthright!


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Awful films

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Ordered ta. Heat from me

i didn't realise there were 3 films lol

Yeah, loved the first one - I watched it thinking it would be a road movie X)

Great stuff! I lasted about 5 minutes into the second one - garbage. Completely unnecessary imo.

Heat for the set though, great price for 3 Blu-rays.


Ordered ta. Heat from me

:: Wat is heatings?


:: Wat is heatings?

Because the website is called HOTUKDEALS, the way you show appreciation for how good a deal is, is by giving it Heat if you like it, or voting Cold if you don't. It's like the temperature equivalent of Thumbs Up and Thumbs down

First film was good, other two are trash.
therefore not worth the £9.00

I wouldn't like to watch the films even if they're free.

Based on a true story

This is wrong, the complete collection is just the first film.


Based on a true story

It certainly was. I was one of the original people they interviewed after we got caught up in the massacre whilst we were backpacking across the USA.

They used to say this about fat women but once you have been with a vampire you will never look at another woman again, believe me!


Have to agree: the 1st is a classic, the 2nd was utter garbage and apparently the 3rd was even worse (though I've not watched it).
Only a good deal if you like 2&3, which I suspect is no one.

shame it isn't a penny ...

Absolutely love the first one.

There's also the tv series, and I doubt I'll watch that either

the only one worth watching was the first

The first is the only one worth watching, Salma Hayeks is fit as in her role!

The series isn't too bad, it's just a re-imaging of the first movie with a bit more depth and character building

If you find a cheaper set anywhere else....


Love the first film, original for a vampire movie, sexy, fun and full of action, the other two went straight to DVD for a reason, utter dross.

Totally agree. The 1st is one of the best vampire films of all time. Having some well respected writers and actors. Quintin Tarentino, Harvey Kitel, George Clooney, Juliet Lewis. I can't believe Tarentino gave permission for the other 2 to be made!
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