From Glasgow: Xmas in Tenerife (13 Nights) 17th-30th December £743.87 £371.88pp @ Ebookers

From Glasgow: Xmas in Tenerife (13 Nights) 17th-30th December £743.87 £371.88pp @ Ebookers

Found 4th Sep 2017
This seems good value for a Xmas holiday and for those in Glasgow wanting to escape the chilly Scottish weather! The dates are 17/12-30/12.

Book flights on £163.96


Book hotel on using discount code £524.94.

The hotel has brilliant reviews and Tripadvisor ratings are here.


Book transfers on £54.87

Total £743.87/£371.88

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The hotel is in Puerto de la Cruz. Lovely town but definitely one to avoid if looking for heat. Stay in the south as temperatures are about 23 there compared to 16 in the north in December. Also, PDLC can get particularly cloudy too as times. Transfer times a lot less in the south too.
I agree with smk77, when looking for accommodation try to find something on the south coast
Heat added!
Puerta de la cruz, 14 degrees average in december.
nice to rent a car and spend the 2 weeks exploring the island though.
I'm guessing here, but does Tenerife have higher Winter temperatures, than Glasgow in the Summer?
The North is actually only a couple of degrees cooler but cloudier. Certainly much more than 14. More like 20 celcius.
You won't get much sunshine in the north of Tenerife in the winter.
Temperatures will therefore be lower. And it tends to be quite windy.
There's probably enough exploring to be done in Tenerife for a week. If you're ok to drive to the beach for the rest of your stay then this is good value.
would love to go here or anywhere abroad for Xmas cos I hate it . . but would it be unfair to leave the kids home alone . . . comments please . . .
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