From London: 1 Week in Kefalonia, Inc Flights, Apartment & Car Hire £130.50pp @ Ebookers

From London: 1 Week in Kefalonia, Inc Flights, Apartment & Car Hire £130.50pp @ Ebookers

Found 12th Feb 2018
A week in the lovely Kefalonia 12-19 April for a bargain price of £130.50 including car hire.

The accommodation looks absolutely stunning. It has amazing views, is close to the beach and has brilliant reviews too here.

Book flights on £79.97

Book hotel on using code AFFCLOUD02 £119.88

Book car hire on £61.15

Total Price £261/£130.50pp

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Kefalonia Dreamin'
Cold weather at this time bit good offer
Kefalonia Dreamin'
I went on a day trip to Kefalonia, it seemed really nice. Great caves.
April in Kefalonia will be very quiet and weather may be a bit hit or miss
Link doesn't work
£280 isn't it?
Any good for folk who cannot drive?
Great deal, says ebooker voucher expired however
Try this code AFFCLOUD02

Just checked and this one works so updated the post above.
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vaiopup2 h, 8 m ago

£280 isn't it?Any good for folk who cannot drive?

No, not unless you can't get the code to work, I'm sure my adding up is correct. You could look at transfers or different accommodation that is closer to the airport otherwise you'll probably spend a lot of money on taxis.
Yup you fixed the car hire cost. Appreciate the feedback.
vaiopup3 m ago

Yup you fixed the car hire cost. Appreciate the feedback.

No worries, screen shot was correct for car hire and total price but I'd hit wrong number key I'd say to check out accommodation closer to the airport area if you don't want to drive, will be much cheaper but also look at taxi prices too. There isn't a good public transport system so if you want to explore you may struggle without a car.
I go to Kefalonia every year and you should know that the majority of tavernas / restaurants and even local shops do not open until around the 1st May so you will probably end up eating in Argostoli most days . Having said that , it's a great place to visit and will be wonderfully quiet !
Lovely island, so this is a great price.
As above comments just be aware many restaurants will be closed until May.
At least with the hire car you can have a good drive around to find the places that are open.
i went to kefalonia last year for the first time and fell head over heels in love with the island. it's absolutely stunning and the people were so friendly. we weren't in the first week of may which was perfect as there wasn't many other tourists around which suits us! the weather was perfect for me (usually between 22-26°c). Can't wait to go again!
Holy outdated furniture batman!! Those apartments look like time capsules.
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