Front Motorcycle Paddock Stand rrp £44.99 now £15.50 @ Ghostbikes

Front Motorcycle Paddock Stand rrp £44.99 now £15.50 @ Ghostbikes

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rear available for £24.49


nice find

I bought these (front & rear) late last year - perfectly adequate stands

Showing without codes £15.50

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Great price.

Yeah, I have these. Bought from Ghostbikes via ebay. They are adequate, but not very well made. The circlip came flying off mine before I even had chance to use it. At least they supply two pairs (I think I know the reason for that....). So, an OK product for very occasional use, but if you intend to use more frequently, I'd invest in a more sturdy set.

Hot though for the price/intended usage...

Although they are intended for the bigger and heavier motorbikes, would these be any good as a portable race-day stand for a mountain bike?

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wtr to above, I doubt it would get narrow enought to hold a mtb wheel

As for using on the motorbike, Not sure I would trust this stand on my pride and joy but since I got an RR I REALLY need a stand to make oiling less of a chore...

however 10% code on some pretty fair prices and free delivery just means I got my Oxford rear stand for £47, that a hot deal for me (plus beat that VAT rise )


Great price.

I love the fact your avitar is a paddock stand.

DO NOT ! Buy these stands, I bought them last year and the front one collapsed with my fireblade on it, not a happy customer at all, if they had been a shop I would have taken the bike in to get them to repair it , would not touch them with a barge pole ! AVOID !

Bought an Abba stand instead, a lot easier to do on your own.
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£15 for a reason, i wouldnt trust it personally

You can get these cheap and cheerful stands at this kind of price at bike shows. The claimed original price is really not credible for what is reported to be a poor product. Your bike is worth too much to risk it on these.

no chance unless its for a bike you dont mind falling over onto your pride and joy !!! happened here !

Good one!
Cost me a small fortune when I was a rider
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