Frontline (flea) Spot On Cat 6s £18.49 @ Co-op pharmacy

Frontline (flea) Spot On Cat 6s £18.49 @ Co-op pharmacy

Found 3rd Jun 2014
A big saving normally £36.99.

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or on amazon for 16.49 if you prefer dealing with them
Heat added!
£12.95 on amazon
Save your money Frontline isnt working anymore
Frontline doesn't work for my cat, as the fleas have built up a resistance in our area .... not fun!

This does work though (and cheaper);…=10
I know this is an old post however I just wanted to share what my vet had told me. When I took my cat the vet said doesn't matter how much you pay for these frontline you may as well put water on your cats neck she recommended advocate and my cat never itched once the next day
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