Frost / Nixon - £3 in Pop Vending Machines (Manc Piccadilly Station)

Frost / Nixon - £3 in Pop Vending Machines (Manc Piccadilly Station)

Found 15th Feb 2010Made hot 15th Feb 2010
Saw this in the Pop DVD vending machine at Manchester Piccadilly Station yesterday... they have a "half price" section... some of the DVDs are worth it, others aren't. =p

Assume this will be the same price in other machines, if they're centrally owned / controlled.

Frost / Nixon was either £3.00 or £2.99 (can't remember which, but I guess it's not a dealbreaker !) Have put the higher price in any case.

3 cheapest online seem to be £3.98 Amazon, £3.99 Play, £4.99 HMV


not a bad price, but the shocker is they have dvd vending machines? how cool!

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Yeah, it's a good idea in places like train stations for last minute presents, and entertainment when getting home from a commute.

Last time I looked at one they were all really terrible value, but they didn't seem too bad this time =]

Only a selection of around 20-25 obviously because of space, but still fun =]

Good film, hot price
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