Frost/Nixon DVD - just £2.99 delivered at HMV

Frost/Nixon DVD - just £2.99 delivered at HMV

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The power of television and one man's drive to achieve what seems like, at times, an impossible dream, are the two central themes explored in Ron Howard's enthralling drama FROST/NIXON. The impossible dream belongs to David Frost (Michael Sheen), a moderately successful English talk show host who sets out to interview disgraced former president Richard Nixon (Frank Langella) following his resignation in 1974. Howard examines how Frost pulled off such an audacious achievement, and also looks at how both sides prepared for the series of interviews, which eventually transpired in 1977. The confrontation between the two is laced with tension, and the director makes it clear that both men had plenty to lose and a lot to gain, depending on who the public perceived to be in control.


good film, Sheen is class

brilliant film, highly recommended

Picked this up last time it dropped to £3, well worth the investment. Great film.

Definitely one to watch, very entertaining, took me a while to get to see it but worth watching.
It's funny somehow as Sam Rockwell is in this film and also in Moon which has been posted on here too.
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