Frozen [Blu Ray 2010] £6.99 at Amazon & Play

Frozen [Blu Ray 2010] £6.99 at Amazon & Play

Found 27th Jan 2011Made hot 30th Jan 2011
Haven't seen this Blu Ray this cheap and I think it only came out shortly before Christmas.
No idea if it's any good but I've ordered one so thought I'd share the deal -reviews seem pretty mixed, but sounds like it could keep you entertained for 90 minutes anyway.


Poor film but good price for a blue ray so ill vote hot !

great film, good price.

not a totally bad film....overall 6/10

average film, worth watching. Good price. Hot from me

Sad purchasing logic.

tv movie @ best

voted hot

Good film, Good price

Good film, good price, good deal

Okay-ish film. Worth a watch. Good price.

Worst film I have seen in many a year, not voted.

Horrible, horrible film I nearly had to turn it off lol. It was good just a bit gory for me. Voted Hot


Can't wait to watch it even thought i'm going snowbaording in February :-)

I'm surprised so many people didn't like this film. We thought it was very good.

Seems to be one of those 'marmite' films [not seen it myself]

This review is highly glowing…77/

Whereas this one [my usual first point of call], much less so…tml

'They' say you should see it 'cold' [ no pun intended ]without any prior knowledge [even viewing the trailer - as it gives too much away] for maximum effect.

I'm intrigued, but £6.99's worth? I'm not so sure........

not a bad film , nice and gory in bits , bit slow moving , but a good price , nice find

good film.

Decent enough film, good price

Funnily enough i just watched this tonight and ironically the dvd froze (seriously) but managed to unstick and would say it is pretty average, one of those Sunday night if nothing else is on the tv films.
Im surprised there have been comments saying it was too gory, I didnt think it was gory at all. Personally i wouldnt buy it now ive seen it.
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I saw it cold, and thought it was fairly awful. Having said that, I did watch it to the end, and I didn't fall asleep.

Why the hell didn't they just climb down the wire in the first place? Or better still, used their poles to slide down?

If you didn't like Open Water, you won't like this.

Truly DIRE film - wouldn't bother !

Thought it a really good, entertaining, relatively low budget film.

Very unrealistic but it's a mark of how well it was made that you never think of that and it has a very static situation (3 people in one location for almost the entire film) that keeps you on the edge of your seat for 90 minutes - and come up with your own arguments and solutions as to what they should have done/what you'd do/ what was unrealistic..

good film. offers something a bit different, well worth a watch. voted hot
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