Frozen child's 10" bike with stabilizers £25 @ Tesco Direct (free C&C)

Frozen child's 10" bike with stabilizers £25 @ Tesco Direct (free C&C)

Found 27th Sep 2016
Just found these in Tesco half price £25 from £50 frozen, finding dory and Ben and holly 10" bikes with stabilizers with free click and collect and absolute steal for the price just ordered my little girl one a deal not to be missed


good pice , bad bycicle

will wait until they are £12.50

Small bike, probably only good for a 2 yr old.

whats wrong with the bycycle

These bikes are bad, because they have the pedals on the front wheel, unlike any normal bike. Theyre simply cheaply made and badly designed but appealing to children. The best thing you can do is buy a balance bike. Halfords do one for about £30 and its a fantastic start to gaining balance for your child. Start with the 10" foamy rubber tyres one then progress to the slightly bigger 12" inflated tyres (Carrera) all from Halfords ...and im not saying Halfords are great or anything but the little balance bikes they sell are quite well proportioned for little ones.
My 3 year old is now pedalling away crazy with no stabilisers on a "big boys bike" and in fairness his skills developed brilliantly from playing even in the house on the 10" Halfords one.

So Sorry...... especially if you bought a Tesco themed bike. But theyre difficult to pedal and not really helping.

Everybody seems to dislike these bikes & say they are rubbish as the pedals are on the is a bit strange I suppose lol, although my son had the Thomas one & rode it absolutely fine. (Plus I paid £8.50 from tesco at the time so worth a try for that price)

I know this is £38, but its a really good start if you want your child to be confident on a bike.…-10
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