Frozen dolls £5 instore @ Tesco

Frozen dolls £5 instore @ Tesco

LocalFound 16th Jul 2017
Frozen dolls was £20 now £5 in tesco kilmarnock
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Maybe vote Cold as I thought they were a new type of ice cream.
Yes, and have never submitted any deals anyway...
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Defrost thoroughly before cooking
Frozen dolls a new ice cream. Lol lol
I think saw a flyer on history of ice cream in UK at Fulham Palace. My friend an evacuee frequented Bishop Park I think, had his ice cream off 'shared' plates of glass? Have to ask him again.
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I had just walked past a mom&lil girl with Frozen case and into my place because I was busy reading your hukd replies but went back to show them this hukd but they had gone. Guess I missed a wacky and poss fun coincidence...
My comment to your post had me giggling through the early hours too.
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Easily amused ice man
Also in Tesco Aston Birmingham. I brought a couple for pressies for when my kids get party invitations
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