Frozen Party foods BOGOF @ Sainsbury's

Frozen Party foods BOGOF @ Sainsbury's

Found 26th Oct 2010
Buy 1 get 1 free
A lot of these are normally 3 for £5!

Sainsbury's 12 Party Duck Spring Rolls 240g £2.25
Sainsbury's 12 Party Filo Prawns 160g £2.25
Sainsbury's 16 Party Onion Bhaji Bites 192g £1
Sainsbury's 60 Party American Selection 730g £5
Sainsbury's 60 Piece Party Indian Selectn 1.04kg £5
Sainsbury's Brie & Cranberry Bites x12 276g £2.25
Sainsbury's Mini Fruit Swirl Cheesecakes x12 273g £2.25
Sainsbury's Mini Ring Doughnuts x16 208g £1
Sainsbury's Party 16 Piece Indian Snack Selection 416g £2.25
Sainsbury's Party Cheese & Onion Rolls x20 400g £1
Sainsbury's Party Chicken & Bacon Pies 293g £3
Sainsbury's Party Chicken Satay Skewers x20 200g £2.25
Sainsbury's Party Chicken Yakitori Skewers x10 240g £2.25
Sainsbury's Party Jumbo Tempura Prawns x8 168g £2.25
Sainsbury's Party King Prawn Ring 300g £5
Sainsbury's Party Lincolnshire Sausage Rolls x20 400g £2.25
Sainsbury's Party Mini Cheese & Tomato Pizzas x9 270g £2.25
Sainsbury's Party Mini Chocolate Eclairs x20 215g £2.25
Sainsbury's Party Mini Cornish Pasties 276g £2.25
Sainsbury's Party Mini Melt In Middle Brownies x12 238g £2.25
Sainsbury's Party Mini Profiteroles x12 215g £2.25
Sainsbury's Party Mini Quiche Selection x12 292g £2.25
Sainsbury's Party Mini Toad In The Hole x12 245g £3
Sainsbury's Party Mozzarella & Cream Cheese Bites x12 245g £2.25
Sainsbury's Party Vegetable Spring Rolls x15 300g £2.25
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Thanks for the heads up
Time to stock up I think!
Gonna dash upto sainsburys i think :o)
mmm tempura prawns!
Excellent. Will stock the freezer up for Xmas.
Fantastic got my sons birthday in December and then Christmas thanks alot
Prawn Rings also included at £5.00 so £2.50 each with this offer.
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