Frozen Rhubarb 750g for £1.25 instore @ Farmfoods

Frozen Rhubarb 750g for £1.25 instore @ Farmfoods

Found 20th Feb 2017
Farmfoods are selling 750g of Frozen Rhubarb for £1.25 or 3 for £3.
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disgusting stuff
Great in Crumbles
celery with high blood pressure! ! oO X)
I could make a heck of a lot of Cocktails with that (fantastic with decent Gin)

Wish Farmfoods would open near us.
Anybody bought this product? How red are the stalks? Use it to make rhubarb gin, which shouls be pink not green
Frozen Rhubarb!
Is there nothing that Disney won't endorse?

What's next, Lion King Edward Potatoes?
I like it in a crumble. I need to get another crown to plant, as the one that I had died last year - I'd had it for around 12 years and even transplanted it across to the other side of the garden where it grew happily for around 5 of those years. Any suggestions which type of rhubarb crown is best for crumbles? Thank you.
Tried to make a rhubarb pie back in the day but couldnt find a Baking Tin 2" x 12"!
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