Frozen Turkeys Half Price @ Somerfield

Frozen Turkeys Half Price @ Somerfield

Found 12th Nov 2009
Been loading the freezers at work with loads of turkeys, all half price.

Golden Norfolk Turkeys

Large 8Kg Turkeys for £18.00
Medium 5-6Kg for £14.00
Small 3-4Kg £11.00

Taking the large one, it works out around: £2.25 Per Kg (Was £4.50 Per Kg)


Sorry, cold.
Personally I grow my own and butcher them all year round :-)

If you look at the website you will see:
"See in store for individual pricing details"

They aren't this price everywhere!

Sawdust in a skin, anyway. Never understood why THE meat meal of the year still consists of eating the cheapest dried out crap there is, worse when it's been frozen first! :-(

About the only way turkey is vaguely edible (well, unless pumped with fat like "Butterball" types!) is sliced dead thin & flash fried, hardly the way to a Christmas dinner!

For 4.50 /kg (if that's all you can afford) you can get Beef topside if you look around, various cuts of Pork everywhere or Chicken, fresh not frozen, all of which will be better!

"But it's traditional" goes the shout..... just like slavery and stuffing children up chimneys or down the mines! :-(

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Prices are the same across all stores (even tho it does say that on the website)

They are always half price every year in every supermarket



Well.....they're frozen, init?:whistling:
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