Frozen Whole Goose 3.8/4Kg £19.99 @ Lidl

Frozen Whole Goose 3.8/4Kg £19.99 @ Lidl

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Found 2nd Dec 2011
Class A young, ready to roast, oat-fed goose, with giblets. Frozen 3.8/4Kg

They also sell 900g frozen breast for £8.99

always wanted to try goose for xmas and this seems a good price!
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heat for the pic:)
Stupid question time. Prepare yourself.

If they're "with giblets" - are those giblets in a bag, or 'loose' inside the bird?
normally in a bag in the birds rear end and the neck too
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Never tried goose - what's it like? Greasy I understand.
If you haven,t tried it you maybe should before xmas day, very greasy not to everyones liking.
Food is only greasy if the fat neither drains off nor is absorbed by the meat.

Geese have a layer of fat beneath the skin but this can stop the meat drying out when cooked and any surplus will drain off. This fat is ideal for roasting potatoes.

A goose will have far more flavour than a turkey. There will be less leftover and the LIdl ones will probably only give about 6 to 8 servings.
By the way a fresh goose will cost close to £10 a kilo.

This deal should be hot.

Cheers, Lidl is easier to get to than Aldi.


Stupid question time. Prepare yourself.If they're "with giblets" - are … Stupid question time. Prepare yourself.If they're "with giblets" - are those giblets in a bag, or 'loose' inside the bird?

Giblets will only be 'loose' inside the bird if you kill it yourself (tempting if you live near a pond but not recommended). Retail birds usually come already gutted with the giblets nice and tidy in a bag.
When I was in Lidl earlier today, these were marked down to £17.99.

They also had moose, for those who are too timid to try goose.
I tried one last week as we normally have a fresh one costing £50-60 the giblets are in a bag and it will serve 6 or 7 at a push
They are now only £14.99 so i have bought 2 today just dont forget to defrost them starting at least 24 hours before cooking.

3.5 hrs at gas mark 6 sorted ours out, not as much goose fat to be had as a lot of the inside stuff has been removed , dont forget to cook it on a wire rack in the roasting tin

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