Fruit Shoot Low Sugar 15 bottles for £2.99 @ Makro

Fruit Shoot Low Sugar 15 bottles for £2.99 @ Makro

Found 11th Jan 2013
I've just been into my local Makro Store in Manchester & they've got a great offer on Fruit Shoots - 15 bottles for £2.99, with a Kids eat free at Toby offer on the pack too.

They've also got a massive Heinz Ketchup for only £1.99 ! ! !

Both are limited to 6 each, but they had lots of stock.
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fruit shoot low sugar??? impossible. that drink is awful, kids shoud not be allowed to have it.
I've seen what these do if you give them to a 1-2 year old. They get addicted and beg for them and even resort to hitting if you don't keep buying them. MY exes kid was a fruitloop for these things.
Great spot, loads cheaper than when I buy in asda and the low sugar ones are better for the little one :-) ... Trip to Makro this afternoon I think!!
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