FRUIT TREE COLLECTION  (4 TREES) £29.98 @ p&p @ Ideal World TV Shopping Channel

FRUIT TREE COLLECTION (4 TREES) £29.98 @ p&p @ Ideal World TV Shopping Channel

Found 24th Apr 2009
An exceptional collection that is great value for money at the perfect time for planting.

Sunburst Cherry:

A perfect partner to Stella, Sunburst crops 2 3 weeks later.
The fruits are literally bursting with juicy flavour and are perfect eaten straight from the tree or used in any type of preserve. When picked and refrigerated they will keep for 3 4 weeks.

Sunburst is ideal for small gardens, planted in a warm sunny spot in a large container on the patio.

Grown on Colt root stock for a height of 6-7 feet.

Self fertile.

All Time Favourite Victoria Plum:

Once tasted never forgotten. Our Victoria Plum tree is a popular classic offering incredibly juicy flavoured fruit and bumper crops year upon year. You can expect your tree to be laden with up to 100 lbs of fruit for the next 30 years and beyond. Harvest from late July onwards.

Victorias are ideal for jams, preserves and pies, or if kept in a freezer you can enjoy these beauties all the year round.

Delicious Crisp Braeburn Apple:

Braeburn trees are renowned for their massive cropping and even in the first growing season these trees will yield several pounds of juicy, crisp, mouth-watering fruit; thereafter the crop size just gets bigger and bigger every year. They are ready to enjoy from September onwards, and if stored in a cool place will last up to three months. Home freezing will allow you to savour that delicious Braeburn flavour all year round.

Comice Pear:

Comice is a renowned variety of pear which was first introduced to the UK in 1858 and is still very popular with fruit enthusiasts today. It has sweet, soft flesh that does not have the gritty texture some other varieties have.

The shape is half way between an apple and what many would expect a pear to look like, which results in you having more luscious, mouth-watering sweet flesh to get your teeth into. The fruits are large and it makes a perfect variety for eating fresh as well as poaching.

Pick in late September for ripening off the tree over the following 68 weeks.

These top grower grade bare-root, feathered maiden trees have been grafted on to Quince A rootstock to provide a semi-dwarf habit which will reach a height of 22.3m (6-7ft).

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